Recently, November 22, 2019 TPPFOOD has been granted FDA codes for export to the US market.

FDA Registration

Domestic and foreign establishments that manufacture or market food, drug, API or medical device in the USA must register with FDA. FDA registration is not mandatory for cosmetic establishments but can participate in voluntary cosmetic registration program.

US FDA Agent

All foreign Establishments must identify a US FDA Agent while in the registration process. This is a mandatory requirement and without US Agent the registration cannot be completed. Liberty Management Group Ltd provide US Agent service to foreign establishments.

FDA Registration Renewal

All Drug and Medical Device establishments registered with FDA must renew their registration annually between October 1st and December 31st. Food facilities are required to renew their registration between October 1st and December 31st of every even numbered year (once in every 2 year). FDA may consider the products of companies which are not complying with FDA renewal requirements as misbranded.

FDA Certification

FDA Registration or FDA registration number does not denote FDA certification or approval of your facility or products. Any representation of FDA registration number on product label or labeling which implies FDA certification or FDA approval of a facility or product is misleading and may cause misbranding of the product.

FDA Certificate

FDA will not issue a certificate after completing registration, also FDA will not recognize a third party certificate. Most Importers and Shipping companies always ask for a registration certificate or proof of FDA registration to the manufacturer. LMG will issue a certificate of FDA registration to our clients for their records at free of cost. Our clients and their customers can verify the certificate on our website.

So, baby shrimp products with FDA certification are a strong affirmation of product quality for consumers not only in Vietnam but also in the world.