The essentials for an industrial catering

Currently, the industrial kitchen (industrial catering) large, medium and small always need a huge amount of food to serve meals for workers. Accordingly, the greater the number of foods, the higher the level of food safety requirements.

In the cities with large industrial parks such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Binh Duong, Vung Tau, and Dong Nai, each catering industry has an average price ranging from 15,000 VND to 30,000 VND, depending on each requirement of the business.

Accordingly, this price is not too high, but the industrial kitchens (industrial rations) providing food must still ensure clean and safe food and ensure the quality of nutritional rations in each The most part is due to the increasing number of food poisoning in collective kitchens.

In addition to ordering food based on industrial kitchens (industrial rations), many companies and businesses also choose the form of home-made processing in kitchens and cafeterias at work. Therefore, finding food suppliers needs the requirements of enterprises such as: FHS, regular source of goods, competitive prices.

Necessary requirements for the catering industry

1.Food used for industrial kitchens (industrial kitchens) must be clean

In the face of dirty food, FHS must always be paid attention and regularly reviewed by companies and enterprises. Foods in industrial kitchens must ensure quality standards from foodstuffs according to safety standards to the process of processing and preserving food.

Industrial kitchens need to be sure:

For the process of preservation and preliminary processing of food. In the process of food preparation: imported food must be classified and preserved according to the process. For fresh food, it should be refrigerated or processed immediately to ensure the nutritional quality. With spices, dried food after importing should be stored in separate areas. In the process of preserving food: food after being processed must be stored and kept hot before serving for staff.

2. To ensure the palatability, the dishes must be changed frequently

The menu of the industrial meals should be arranged scientifically and changed weekly to avoid boredom. Moreover, the quality of the dishes has to suit the taste of the majority of the staff to make them more palatable.

Therefore, it is important to find raw material suppliers for industrial rations

Understanding the needs of industrial kitchens, TPPFOOD is a unit specializing in serving clean and high-quality food for industrial kitchens with food hygiene and safety standards, and is granted FDA certificates by food and pharmaceutical management agencies of USA. Products are strictly controlled from farming to processing as well as ensuring a reasonable supply and price for all food sources.

Popular products in the industrial kitchen:


Pork is a familiar dish in meals. In particular, the kitchen uses thousands of kg of pork daily because it is high in protein and contains many essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids necessary for the body.

  • Helping patients after surgery, athletes recover physical fitness.
  • Food is essential for healthy brain development and a good immune system.
  • Maintain the growth and development necessary for the body


Like pork, chicken is a popular food, always used by the kitchen in large quantities every day. This is a favorite food of many people and contains high levels of nutrients for health.

  • Maintain a healthy heart.
  • Eating chicken will help stabilize and even enhance your eyesight.
  • Metabolic support helps the thyroid to be improved and work better, strengthen the immune system in the body …


Fish such as pangasius, scad, red tilapia, tilapia are the most popular fish rations due to their low cost and easy to process.

TPPFOOD specializes in providing pompano, pangasius for industrial rations in large quantities, stable sources, competitive prices.

4.Frog legs

Frog contains many nutrients, increasing resistance. As one of the most used food ingredients for industrial rations because of its price and nutrition.

Frog meat is a key product of TPPFOOD with conditions of export standards, no antibiotics as well as stable prices.

With a closed process, standards, the food at TPPFOOD has won the trust of consumers, especially industrial kitchens, always receiving large orders from large industrial rations with key products of TPPFOOD such as: frozen frog legs, scad, pangasius, tuna, ... with competitive prices, fast delivery.

Visit the TPPFOOD website for more details about the system of shops and purchases!

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